Intel® Realsense Talk: Unleashing Innovation in Drone Technology

Intel® Realsense Talk: Unleashing Innovation in Drone Technology

Location: Durand 450

Date: Tuesday, 18th October

Time: 6pm

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It is undeniable that drones have been driving incredible innovation and growth that can shape the world in amazing ways. Drones are being used to support cutting-edge research, create new jobs and expand opportunities in different industries; becoming one of the computing platforms of the future.

Come hear how Intel continues to push the boundaries of drone technology by delivering innovation in the form of the Falcon 8 – a commercial UAV system, intelligent obstacle navigation with theTyphoon H with Intel® RealSense Technology and by creating new drone applications such as the Drone 100 Light Shows!!!

Intel will go into greater depth on the Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs, the new developer platform designed specifically for drones.  The platform includes the Intel Aero Compute board based on a quad core Atom processor and running Linux, as well as 3D and RGB cameras, and a ready to fly drone that enables developers to quickly get their applications airborne.


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