Get In Touch!

Slack is the best place to reach any of our members or join a project team!  We love answering questions, sharing job opportunities (#classifieds), sharing job opportunities (#opportunities), and distracting each other from work (#memes). Right now, our link to join slack has had a bug, so to join feel free to email for access to slack. Thanks!


Our mailing list contains periodic announcements from club leadership about upcoming events like the Tech Talks that we host with companies every quarter, as well as club-wide events like Special D’s, barbecues, and fly days.

Mailing List

Our events calendar contains all club-wide events, like fly days, tech talks, and Special D’s.  Team calendars are available through Slack, and should be pinned to each team’s slack channel.

Events Calendar

How can I get involved?

  1. Join Slack!  It’s the best place to ask questions and get involved.
  2. Get safety trained!  Safety trainings are listed on our Events Calendar, and should have a signup form associated with the calendar event.  If none of the training times work for you, or you’ve missed the first safety trainings of the quarter, send us a message and we’ll find a way to make things up.  Once you are safety trained, and have completed the rest of our membership requirements, you’ll get added to our members list and are eligible to use our lab space in Cedar Hall, join a project team, or take a class!
  3. Subscribe to our events calendar!  Note that this only covers club-wide events, and each project team has its own calendar that can be found in Slack.
  4. Get flight certified, enroll in one of our club classes, join a project team, or do ALL the things!  We’re happy to have you on board.