Flying on Campus

Flying on campus is prohibited unless expressly authorized by Stanford University. SUAVE is the only student organization that has been granted the privilege from Stanford to fly on campus provided that we always do so in the safest way possible. Therefore, in order to fly on campus, in addition to always adhering to the SUAVE Safety Code there are a couple things you must do:

  1. Obtain flight certification from SUAVE
  2. Before every flight, request flight approval

SUAVE members are allowed to fly for hobbyist purposes only.  If you would like to fly unmanned aircraft on campus for research or any other non-hobbyist purpose, you need to request approval.  For more details, please see the Research Policy Handbook, Section 7.10.

Obtaining Flight Certification

To get permission to fly on campus you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Become a SUAVE member
    • Take EHS-4200 and email confirmation to
    • Attend SUAVE Safety Training (see SUAVE calendar for dates of safety training)
    • Fill out AMA registration document
  • Demonstrate flight proficiency
  • Pass vehicle safety inspection

Going Out Flying

Once you are flight certified you must fill out the following form to request approval before each and every flight: Flight Request Form


  1. You need a SUID to access the form
  2. You will need to log out of your gmail account to access the form

Once your request has been approved, you are set to go. Remember to pick up your safety vest from Durand 353 before going out to Lake Lagunita!

Incident Reporting

If something should happen at the Lake while you are out flying, please make sure to fill out our incident report form