Flying Site Rules

A note for all non flight approved SUAVE members: flying on campus is prohibited unless expressly approved by Stanford University. For those of you who are Stanford students who are looking to fly as a hobbyist, please check out what it takes to get SUAVE permission to fly

For each flying site on campus, you must abide by the additional rules listed below.


SUAVE Lake Lagunita Flying Site Rules

Lake Lagunita is one of the permitted flying sites for SUAVE members and projects.  In addition to SUAVE’s safety policy and requirements, the following additional requirements and rules shall be followed when flying at Lake Lagunita:

Vehicle Requirements

  • Shall weigh no more than 5 pounds
  • Shall fly no faster than 20 m/s (45 mph)
  • Shall be solely battery powered

Flying Rules

  • The vehicle shall remain within the yellow area below during all phases of flight
  • The vehicle shall be piloted from the yellow area shown below
  • All takeoffs and landing shall be within the yellow area shown below




SUAVE Coyote Hill Flying Site Rules

This site is located directly adjacent to Stanford’s Deer Creek Conservation Easement, a sensitive habitat for the federally and state-listed California red-legged frog. All activities conducted at this site must not negatively impact the California red-legged frog or other native species.

In addition to following SUAVE’s safety policy and requirements, all approved UFV/drone users at Coyote Hill Rd Site need to comply with the following conditions. If you violate any of these conditions, your permit will be revoked.

  1. Flights are only allowed between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Be aware there are no bathrooms onsite so please plan accordingly.
  2. Always carry a fire extinguisher.
  3. As you enter the site, you will see an “A Frame sign” folded on the side. Please display this sign at the gate to inform public that the UFV they may see is a Stanford approved activity. When you leave, put the sign back where you find it.
  4. Any group larger than 10 people needs prior approval. Please notify Foothills Manager.
  5. Put in a flight request at least 24 hours in advance.
  6. Fly zone is within the pink boundaries shown in the diagram below.
    • If drones accidentally land inside the Deer Creek Conservation Easement, immediately call:
      • Esther Cole Adelsheim, Stanford Conservation Program Manager (650) 492-3044
      • Alan Launer, Director of Conservation Planning (650) 714-4807
  7. Always lock the gate when you leave.
  8. Notify the Foothills Managers if you see anything unusual on the site.
    • Foothills Managers: Jovan Solis (650) 444-6382, Edmund Chiu (650) 387-5922