SUAVE Safety Code

1. Flying Requirements

Aerial vehicle flight affiliated with SUAVE will primarily take place on the Stanford University campus within the bounds of approved flying sites. All SUAVE affiliated flights must be approved by the SUAVE safety officer and flight location, vehicle flown, and flight contact information will be displayed on the SUAVE public calendar. SUAVE safety officer approval is also required for any member desiring to fly a SUAVE affiliated flight to ensure that they can safely and proficiently pilot the vehicle. The member must abide by the pilot and vehicle required found below at all times.

2. Flight Safety Rules

Any pilot flying a SUAVE affiliated flight:

2.1.     Shall have previously demonstrated flight proficiency to the SUAVE safety officer or approved safety observer

2.2.     Shall submit a request to and receive flight approval from SUAVE prior to the flight (recommended 12 hours prior)

2.3.     Shall be identifiable as a SUAVE member

2.4.     Shall maintain visual line of sight with the vehicle at all times

2.5.     Shall maintain the vehicle lower than 400 feet (121 meters) above ground level

2.6.     Shall maintain the vehicle within the bounds of approved flying sites

2.7.     Shall abide by flight regulations (flight areas, takeoff areas, etc) for each flying site

2.8.     Shall not fly in a careless of reckless manner

2.9.     Shall stay clear of an armed (powered) vehicle and shall not touch a vehicle while it is still under power (and armed where relevant)

2.10.    Shall not fly the vehicle directly over people

2.11.    Shall not fly closer than 25ft horizontal separation to any individual except the pilot and the pilot’s helper(s)

2.12.    Shall not fly directly over structures, utility wires, and poles or vehicles

2.13.    Shall be able to regain manual control of the vehicle at all times

3. Vehicle Requirements

Any vehicle flying a SUAVE affiliated flight:

3.1.     Shall have an identification on the vehicle containing at a minimum a contact name and phone number

3.2.     Shall have passed a SUAVE safety inspection

3.3.     Shall remain controllable at all times

3.4.      Shall not carry pyrotechnic devices that explode or burn

3.5.     Shall not carry any device that propels a projectile or drops an object that creates a hazard to persons or property

3.6.     Shall be no louder than 65 decibels at the ground

3.7.     Shall only be flown for recreational / hobbyist purposes (no commercial or academic research SUAVE affiliated flights permitted)

3.8.     Shall abide by all additional vehicle requirements and rules for a given flying site (found here)

4. Privacy

All SUAVE participants are expected to respect the privacy of the public. Aerial vehicles affiliated with SUAVE must not use photography, video, listening or recording devices with individuals that have not granted their permission, nor publish such information without explicit permission of those involved. Past this, any recording must also follow Stanford’s Film, Photograph and Video Policy, which states in part:

“Photos may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and other campus visitors so long as they are used exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes, […] and they do not interfere with the ongoing operations of the university.”

The full policy can be found at here.

5. Safety Code Violation Penalties

A three strike system will be used as repercussions to violations of the SUAVE safety code. A first offense will result in a written warning to the offending member. A second offense will result in a 1 quarter suspension of member privileges and the offending member shall retake all safety requirements. A third and final offense will result in the permanent removal of the violated privileges from the offending member. Any violations to hardware or vehicle requirements, the offending member shall demonstrate modifications have been made in order to correct for the violation. In the event of very serious violations, multiple strikes may be given. These penalties are solely those of SUAVE; any offense may be subject to University or legal repercussions.